Fort Mitchell Garage
4.91/5.00, based on 149 ratings; 106 user reviews

  Elizebeth, 11/29/2018

Always great service. Ron is an amazing person and always takes care of our fleet here at Disinfecting For You, Inc.

Thanks, Elizabeth! We appreciate your patience when it took a little longer to complete than expected.

  Gerald & Cheryl, 11/16/2018

Consistently excellent.

Thanks, Gerry & Cheryl!

  Janet, 11/08/2018

Completely satisfied with everything

Thanks, Janet!

  Walt, 11/08/2018

Great garage. It's obvious they really care about their customers, I won't go anywhere else again!!

Thanks, Walt!

  Jean, 11/01/2018

Professional,honest and knowledgeable! Have been coming here for so many years I became a part of your family! Thank you for the excellent service!!!!

Thanks, Jean!

  Tim & Cindy, 10/26/2018

Great service as usual. It is a pleasure working with the folks at Ft. Mitchell.

Thanks, Tim & Cindy!

  Tom & Tracie, 10/18/2018

Ron was great in diagnosing our vehicles problem, and even better at explaining it with anecdotal points about the Explorer and Ford. Great job guys!!!

Thanks, Tom! We really appreciate your patience on a tricky problem & diagnosis.

  Amy, 10/13/2018

If you having car trouble, I highly recommend Ft Mitchell Garage. Ron and the rest of the staff are extremely customer service oriented... they have wowed me with their service every time I?ve brought my car in for repairs. You won?t find a better garage.

Thanks, Amy! We appreciate your awesome comments!

  Amy, 09/29/2018

Extremely knowledgeable, excellent customer service, and very passionate about cars. They care about getting their customer?s cars back on the road safely. Having to bring your car in for repair is never fun, but Fort Mitchell Garage makes the experience as pleasant as possible. They?re great to deal with.

Thanks, Amy!

  Aaron, 09/21/2018

Credible car care!

Thanks, Aaron!

  Christian, 09/13/2018

Best darn car-shop in NKY! I'd recommend them to anyone with any kind of vehicle. Get your car fixed from an experienced auto-mechanic, not a 20-something ding-bat at the dealership who's incentive is to charge as much as possible and who get their instruction from a manual!

Thanks, Christian!

  Steve, 09/06/2018

They take the time to make sure it is done right.

Thanks, Steve!

  Brad, 09/01/2018

Excellent service. Very fair price. Great people.

Thanks, Brad!

  Michael, 08/30/2018

The folks at Fort Mitchell Garage are great to deal with. They're highly knowledgeable, experienced, meticulous in their work, and do everything possible to be accommodating. They take the time to really dig into difficult problems and find the root cause and then address it in the best possible way, not just the easiest or fastest way. So, they may sometimes take a bit longer than other places would, but the results are always worth waiting for.

Thanks, Michael! We appreciate your understanding why it took a little longer on your vehicle. May you 'live long & prosper'!:)

  Clare, 08/23/2018

Professional and courteous- job well done

Thanks, Clare!

  Ft, 08/23/2018

The air conditioning was repaired ahead of schedule and at a price less than the estimate I was initially given. Wow! What fair, honest and competent folks!

Thanks, Ed!

  Danielle, 08/13/2018

Fort Mitchell Garage is a great place! I was broken down on the freeway 200 miles from home while on vacation. Ron and the staff were so helpful. They fixed the problem as fast as they could and were very informative about every step they were taking. Best experience at a service garage ever. Thanks!

Thanks, Danielle!

  Laura, 08/09/2018

Professional, honest, reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Thanks, Laura!

  Jeff, 07/26/2018

Awesome, dependable, great team!!!!

Thanks, Jeff!

  Joe, 07/26/2018

Always honest and highly skilled!

Thanks, Joe!