Fort Mitchell Garage
4.88/5.00, based on 74 ratings; 56 user reviews

  Jodee, 08/17/2017

Quick turn around and great price on a punctured tire.

Thanks, Jodee!

  Dan, 07/23/2017

Service was excellent!!!! They got my car in and out at a reasonable time, for the amount of work that they did!!! Car is running great!!! Thank You!!!!

Thanks, Dan!

  Doug, 06/25/2017

I am grateful to Ron and the entire staff for their time in diagnosing the complex air conditioning problem on my Toyota Tundra... when the part finally arrives, they will certainly have my business for the repair. Thank you!

Thanks, Doug!

  Josh, 06/25/2017

Friendly, honest staff which makes maintaining cars a breeze! They go above and beyond expectations every time! They listen to your concerns and address the concerns as knowledgeable professionals and fix things right the first time.

Thanks, Josh!

  George, 06/22/2017

Quick identification of the problem Prompt repair Fair pricing Pleasant treatment

Thanks, George!

  Rebecca, 06/02/2017

I have rave reviews for the vehicle service and the customer service at Fort Mitchell Garage. I am from out-of-town, and my check engine light came on while I was in Covington, KY, traveling for several days with my daughter (college visits). We were far from home and had many interstate miles to go. It was late in the day -- 4:30 pm -- and the garage closed at 6 pm. I called, asked if they could squeeze me in and run a diagnostic on my vehicle to see if the warning light was critical or if it could wait until we returned home later in the week. Not only did they agree to look at my car, they also did so pleasantly and more thoroughly than I have ever experienced -- even with my trusted mechanic back home. I received a thorough report that I could take with me as well. While waiting, we were treated like life-long friends by the woman behind the desk -- one of the owners (Her husband was the wonderful man who ran tests on my car.). Fortunately repairs could wait until we returned home. However, knowing how difficult it is to find thorough, trustworthy mechanics, I almost wish we could have taken them with us back home. Thanks again for a pleasant experience and the peace of mind that your review of my automobile provided. (Visited in mid-March 2017)

Thanks, Rebecca!

  Marcus & Sharon, 06/01/2017

People at Ft. Mitchell garage are so good and best of all--honest!

Thanks, Marcus!

  David, 04/15/2017

Ft. Mitchell Garage completed an in-depth review of my 1998 Grand Cherokee Jeep and listed complete repairs to bring the Jeep up to standard. Roadway salt and de-icing liquids were the culprit. They reviewed the list before starting any of the work. Nice job!

Thanks, Dave!

  Taylor, 03/30/2017

Always quick and convenient! Great staff

  Joseph, 03/30/2017

The Fort Mitchell Garage once again shines with a 5 Star Rating for my most recent vehicle repair needs. My vehicle had a steering gearbox and power steering pump issue which the Crew at the Fort Mitchell Garage addressed put together a repair plan and thus performed the necessary repairs. Happy to say my steering is like "Factory New" once again. Thank you very much!

  Ron, 03/17/2017


  Kenny, 03/16/2017

Great job. Found the solution to a tricky problem with my Ford F150. Real pros!

  Regina, 03/09/2017

Great People & Great Service

  Joyce, 03/09/2017

Great shop, great people, great experience! A place you can trust to get the job done right.

  Tom, 03/02/2017

Great customer service and great workmanship. Kept me informed and dealt with the warranty company, so I did not have to. Will come back again!

  Pam, 02/16/2017

Ft Mitchell garage is great. Family owned, honest, trustworthy. As a woman handling her car care alone, that's important to me.

  Patrick & Barb, 02/16/2017

Everyone was so nice. They looked at the car immediately. Since a part needed to be ordered, they made certain that it came in before I brought the car in. Everything is fixed and the car runs fine. I would definitely recommend. Barb A

  Jennifer, 02/09/2017

An honest and effective garage. A rarity these days!

  Heather, 02/08/2017

I am extremely happy with this garage. They took care of me when my car was totaled, and they now take car of my new car.

  Jack, 02/05/2017

I have a 2011 Ford Escape Limited. The transmission died, quit working, stuck in the middle of the road. I still had a warranty on it as it was under 100,000 miles. Ron and the crew at Fort Mitchell Garage worked directly with Ford and my 3rd party extended warranty folks to take care of things. Thanks FMG & Ron!