Fort Mitchell Garage
4.87/5.00, based on 101 ratings; 75 user reviews

  Bob, 03/15/2018

FMG is typically a reliable thing in an otherwise unreliable world. There is great comfort and reduced stress in working with an organization that takes its quality of work seriously. Thanks again FMG!

  Johnny, 02/22/2018

I have been to Fort Mitchell Garage a few times now. I have found to be professional, polite to customers and have been honest to be and I have found their work to be really good. I am a happy customer, Johnny Raleigh

  Sara, 02/15/2018

These guys/gals have been such a blessing to me. Honesty is so important & that is what you get. GREAT SERVICE!!!

  Ft, 02/07/2018

It's an older car and they told us what to do to keep it going for another year and then re-inspect. Great people, good service and honest. What else could one ask for?

  Joyce, 01/25/2018

Knowledgeable and friendly service! Best place in town for car care. Honest and trustworthy! When you service your vehicle at Ft. Mitchell Garage, you don?t have to worry about being ripped-off! :)

  Joseph, 01/21/2018

The Fort Mitchell Garage is the Best Automotive Repair Center in Northern Kentucky, Both for Mechanical and Auto Body Service!

  Peter And Irene, 01/19/2018

Great, friendly service. Would recommend highly.

  Karen, 01/12/2018

I had an excellent experience at Fort Mitchell Garage. The staff made an extra effort to explain the situation with my car. Also, my car has never had a better car wash!

  Rob Kim, 01/11/2018

The quality of work and customer service exceeded expectations!

  Bonnie, 12/29/2017

Excellent assistance provided by Ron and his staff. Fort Mitchell Garage kept me informed throughout the diagnostic process regarding progress, potential cost and options. Well done!


  Kevin, 12/28/2017

Another great service experience. Quality work!


  Mary Beth, 12/28/2017

The people at Ft. Mitchell Garage couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful. New tires at a decent price and a Christmas ornament to boot! Thank you so much!

Thanks, Mary Beth!

  Renee, 12/07/2017

I love this place. Everyone is so nice and I feel completely comfortable. I have never felt that they did work unnecessarily .

Thanks, Renee!

  Peter And Irene, 11/30/2017

Service was excellent, completed as promised. very friendly employees.

Thanks, Peter & Irene!

  Tim & Cindy, 11/16/2017

Everything completed on time and reasonable price.

Thanks, Tim!

  Michael, 11/10/2017

This was a large but very necessary job our Ford dealer was reluctant to tackle and, in fact,advised us not to have done -- apparently preferring that we junk the vehicle and buy a new one. But, Fort Mitchell Garage took it on. They thoroughly diagnosed the vehicle and researched the problem and alternate ways of dealing with it, fully explained all this, and then did the job for less than half of what the Ford dealer had estimated it would cost. It wasn't a quickly-done one-day process; it took a while, but it was well worth waiting for. The vehicle is running great and seems ready for years of additional service. I am thrilled with the outcome and now expect to be a long-time repeat customer.

Thanks for your kind words, Michael!

  Loretta, 11/02/2017

I am always happy with the service and work. I have used Fort Mitchell for mechanical work and the body shop.

Thanks, Loretta!

  Rob Kim, 10/26/2017

FMG did a fantastic job with my new vehicle! Very timely and professional service. I will be back!

Thanks, Rob!

  Jennifer & Doug, 10/19/2017

Ft Mitchell Garage does a fantastic job, I would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks, Jennifer & Doug!

  Jim, 10/19/2017

Large checkover of my 2002 Chevrolet Truck. Brake lines Tune up, Alignment, and other stuff. All done well, no leaks. Truck is like new.

Thanks, Jim!