Fort Mitchell Garage
4.89/5.00, based on 117 ratings; 86 user reviews

  John, 07/05/2018

As always great service!

Thanks, John!

  Marilyn, 06/28/2018

I was traveling and needed help quickly. These guys did a fabulous job of fixing the tire, balancing it, checking all the other tires and did the job quickly. THANKS!

Thanks, Marilyn!

  Laura, 06/28/2018

Fantastic customer service from our first conversation to picking up our car. Very informative and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Fort Mitchell Garage to friends and family.

Thanks, Laura!

  Chris, 06/14/2018

You all are fantastic!

Thanks, Chris!

  Jane & Tom, 06/09/2018

Thanks for all the good work and repairs on our Saturn Vue over the last 9-10Yrs. After talking to Ron about our car and any further repair and expense we decided to go ahead and purchase a 2015 Toyota RAV4 which we love. Will always return to FT Mitchell Garage for any repairs but hopefully not for a long time. Tom and Jane Cassidy

Thanks, Tom & Jane. We're anxious to see and do nothing but routine service your new vehicle.

  Dan, 05/22/2018

Very friendly and helpful. Ron and Bev are two great people. It?s easy to see that they look for what?s best for the client and not their wallets. Highly recommend and will definitely be a repeat customer.

Thanks, Dan!

  Chris, 05/10/2018

A challenging vintage vehicle was handled well despite various unforeseen issues. I plan to have further work done as time and budget allows.

Thanks, Chris!

  Ken & Coco, 05/03/2018

The folk at Fort Mitchell Garage always do a thorough and timely job. We are very satisfied.

Thanks, Ken & Coco!

  Dale, 04/26/2018

I have used FMG for over 25 years for a reason - great work that they stand behind and great customer service!!

Thanks, Dale!

  Peter And Irene, 04/21/2018

Excellent service. Went beyond what other garages would do for their customers. Highly recommended.

Thanks, Peter and Irene!

  Monica, 04/19/2018

Fort Mitchell Garage has the best service in town. Honest and thorough!

Thanks, Monica!

  Bob, 03/15/2018

FMG is typically a reliable thing in an otherwise unreliable world. There is great comfort and reduced stress in working with an organization that takes its quality of work seriously. Thanks again FMG!

Thanks, Bob!

  Johnny, 02/22/2018

I have been to Fort Mitchell Garage a few times now. I have found to be professional, polite to customers and have been honest to be and I have found their work to be really good. I am a happy customer, Johnny Raleigh

Thanks, Johnny!

  Sara, 02/15/2018

These guys/gals have been such a blessing to me. Honesty is so important & that is what you get. GREAT SERVICE!!!

Thanks, Sara!

  Ft, 02/07/2018

It's an older car and they told us what to do to keep it going for another year and then re-inspect. Great people, good service and honest. What else could one ask for?


  Joyce, 01/25/2018

Knowledgeable and friendly service! Best place in town for car care. Honest and trustworthy! When you service your vehicle at Ft. Mitchell Garage, you don?t have to worry about being ripped-off! :)

Thanks, Joyce!

  Joseph, 01/21/2018

The Fort Mitchell Garage is the Best Automotive Repair Center in Northern Kentucky, Both for Mechanical and Auto Body Service!

Thanks, Joe! And your Christmas gift was awesome!

  Peter And Irene, 01/19/2018

Great, friendly service. Would recommend highly.


  Karen, 01/12/2018

I had an excellent experience at Fort Mitchell Garage. The staff made an extra effort to explain the situation with my car. Also, my car has never had a better car wash!

Thanks, Karen!

  Rob Kim, 01/11/2018

The quality of work and customer service exceeded expectations!

Thanks, Rob!